Roskilde, Denmark 24/9
Photo Friends!
Five of the club members visited Roskilde Saturday 24 september. We set off from Simrishamn at 8.30 Roskilde, reaching a few hours later. By K, Gunnel och Mona åkte med Tomas. Yvonne, with partner, joined from Glumslöv. Joined in Roskilde also made nine members from Sjöbo photoclub. In all, we were then fifteen people, which began with a visit to the Viking Ship Museum (perhaps the most interesting in Scandinavia).
In glorious summer then we took a walk to the center, där we intog lunch at Pancho's, then sealed Roskilde Cathedral. Recipes with Nidaros Cathedral in Trondheim norska, get well Roskilde Cathedral is considered as the most famous of the churches in Scandinavia. Not least because this is the majority of Danish kings and queens are buried, from Harald Bluetooth and Svend Tveskæg from 900s. A special place occupies Queen Margareta In, regent of the Nordic countries in the late 1300s and early 1400s. The church is incidentally also declared as World Heritage.
After a successful excursion, could the gang here from town to roll in through the "passport control" in Simrishamn at 19 o'clock.
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