That the level of the pictures from the members of Österlens photoclub constantly going up also reflected the outcome of this year's most prestigious and final race: "This year's worst picture". This year, only six participants and the absolute jury, consisting of signed, was extremely disappointed, it's just too good pictures coming up to this race.

Either you have misunderstood or there are almost no bad pictures in the members archive. It is in a way and means that the club belongs to the country's best, but in this context it is really boring.

I shall here, ur minnet, go through all the contributions. As usual, we start from behind, Thus, in the order I picked the pictures, and remember that here you have to good is bad!

The image that was placed last, Thus the best picture, was indeed a really good picture. A black and white copy on quality photo paper. The picture showed a street mirror where you see buildings wrap around the edge of the mirror due to the spherical design (vidvinkelspegel). Okay, blackness could have been better, the picture was a tad poorly cropped but not enough to fall referee's liking, a clean disqualification thus. That there were holes after various pins in the corners, we let pass like that one corner was a little wrinkled ...

Next image (5:e plats) was a very pretty picture. What it represented was impossible to see but even so it was incredibly beautiful. A red glow around a tubular thing in the middle. You had all sorts of associations ... We have a surgeon in the club. It was suspected that he had taken a picture from work. One could imagine an emergency patient, which unfortunately came in the early morning after hospital staff party. A simple operation went wrong, you happened to cut the aorta even though you really would only make a small peephole inspection of a leaky superficial blood vessels. Awesome like a Lennart Nilsson Picture ... Now it proved a drainpipe as the photographer portrayed!

Fourth place was taken by a similar image, but this time it was a blue shimmer with two Gothic window openings in the center. A sheer blue color in a sort of swirl around these window openings were all in white, look white. I enjoyed the association that it was the patient from the above operation which saw the famous light. You know that you hear that people are experiencing in the moment of death! So the surgeon suspected back and if so, he must be extremely proficient, the patient appears to have survived and also served with and competed. Once again the judges wrong, it was an image of a car at a brick wall, unbelievable, I'm sure he's the photographer has errors!

The next placement (3:and) took a picture of a ship. That you can see what is in the photo is not directly beneficial in this competition, but here they had made an effort to make the judge to please. The pictures were small, only slightly larger than a bottle ship. It was gray in this unpleasant way which is so beneficial. Dark gray is surely a better word. You såg sea, high waves but no direct sharpness I would claim. But despite all the errors they could tell you it was a boat, and an interesting thing was that the ship was spotted illuminated. The photographer revealed that it was moonlight and that he had taken the picture with flash! Creative and thus no we reward here.

Now we approach the peak (thus bottom scratched). The image that came second was pretty bad so now we're getting the point where we want in this competition. We see a scene from a beach. It has been carefully cropped the image so that you cut a person in half at each edge and in the background is a third person with a little good will can be said to be in the golden ratio, Unfortunately, as the person has a strange posture and you can not see directly what the photographer really wants to portray. Center of the picture is occupied by a jumbled mass, think there were things for sale at any tourist resort in Africa. The picture is slightly overexposed and there is not much that is right in the picture, thus qualifies it as the first actual acceptable image in this competition. A generally unattractive image, but not a stray bullet but a deliberate bad picture, it looks like, kudos!

Then the worst picture that thus crowned as the winner of this year's competition.

The picture is hard to describe, a generally dark surface with little things that light up the surface here and there. The only thing that is in some kind of sharpness and is also quite correctly exposed is an old man in the middle of the picture. He is on a street and he occupies a negligible surface of the image, but you do not understand how he can be in the middle of the picture! And he is so small breaks all the rules. We usually say that you should concentrate picture, move closer, cutting harder and so on. Here they have done the opposite. The main motif is small, downright pitiful. Allt runt around, that even with the best will be called relevant environmental, addresses 95 % of frame. At very close consideration you can see that the old man in the picture is actually the absolute judge, although it is difficult to see and therefore not good enough to disqualify the picture ... The misplaced figure (Thus ref) can not be said to have much of the rest of the image to make. Or is it that the rest who do not have much to do with the picture, depending on what the photographer really wants to portray! And that is precisely what makes the picture so bad, you do not understand what is actually depicted, is the interior of a café or the man on the street? A truly bad image, even though the judge is on the! And how can he be in center of frame? Well it was told that there was a mirror at the far end of the diner ...

Picture taken by Rolf Unosson.

Chairman of the autocratic one-man jury

Steen Stavnshøj