Then Silla Planket for 2014 finished. The exhibition was conducted under the Tradesmen market Simrishamn the 24, 25 and 26 july. New this year was that the members presented all their photos printed in black / white A2. Although one could vote for best picture was a novelty that we tried for the first time. It was evident then that people became much more active in their image viewing. Of those who voted for the winning picture ones we selected five of the club's self-produced photo book “A year on Osterlen”.

It came into 195 voices and we must consider that a good performance. Of those who voted were female votes in the highest number of 124 pieces and the male voices were 71 pieces.

The winner was Anja Sword, Helen Johansson, Marie-Louise Hansson, Astrid Dettel and Anna Wierup.

The winning image was actually two pieces when they got equal number of votes, and it is Carsten Lührs and Karin Dreier.