This year's worst picture 2017

Again, the undersigned act autocratic (silly?) Judge for the year last and toughest club competition, namely "Best worst picture".

As usual collect the images in the current food distribution, this time smörgåstårtor, and signed receives a small stack of photos in different sizes. I then move away in a well-lit corner of the room and do my best to understand what photographers say with their work. And it is here that there is good light will soon prove to be a minor disaster, these images make up probably the best in very low light.

The year's high was pretty big (would think that I had to go through dozens of images) and I do as usual; add best picture at the top of reporting the worst, that is the worst positioned so that it can be a good picture and that we do not have in this competition. Difficult? Just wait…

Having sorted the pictures in order, I ask about the meeting's attention, not easy at a Christmas party where they also prove themselves with small beer. But in the end, it succeeds.
I begin reporting:
As usual, left a full critique of the images, according to the judge's interpretation of the picture, and the first images that are discussed are thus far too good, the judge believes it to understand what is depicted and therefore considered that the pictures were just too good to be placed in this honorable contest. In cases where the judge sees a hint of composition, imaging or designs, you can basically consider the failure.
A short distance down the pile, it becomes increasingly difficult to, even with good will, stating that it sees is a depiction or even a picture. In other words, we begin to approach the essence (heart of the matter, so to speak, even though no image depicted a dog). We will gradually closer to the goal to find the year's worst picture.
Finally, carrying an image of the disturbed seen consists of a white surface with some faintly visible blue details. The photographer has printed the image in high quality, a-robe, copy papper (80 gram) which reinforces the impression worthless.
The judge is the closest lyric, it was after all a long time since such a bad image appeared in a club race, we must not forget that we are this year's best photo club in Sweden, and it was noticeable even now.
Reaching back to the picture; it turns out that we see, if we try, it is a square, Looking cobblestones and a pair of shades for a number of people, this forms the lower half of the image, högerkantens somewhere in the middle we see something that could be a building, it is important to have a vivid imagination. All in all, a really bad image.
To call it over-exposed would be an affront to all camera manufacturers, calling it well composed would be a worse insult to the viewer. Calling it bad is, However, absolutely correct.

The explanation from the photographer was so lame that I refuse to reproduce it in writing, but rambled a bit of something wrong with the printer, but it does not seem to prevent the photographer to print the image on everybody's good pleasure.
Överrakande enough, it turned out that Gunnel Jönsson is the creator of this year's worst picture, she received deserved applause and a piece of sandwich cake for bonus.

Chairman of the one-man jury, Steen Stavnshøj