This year's worst picture 2012

To Österlens Fotoklubb placed as the best club in Scania Photo also reflected the outcome of this year's final race: "This year's worst picture".
There were only a few participants and the autocratic jury, consisting of signed, was extremely disappointed. We have seen much worse pictures than the seven I had the honor to judge.
An image was immediately disqualified because it was just too good. One could imagine a northern lights with a tree in the foreground, a very pretty picture with pleasing blur and bokeh.
Remember that the viewer does not know what the photographer intends to portray, it is up to the viewer to interpret the picture and imagine a message and in this first case, it was clearly a far too beautiful and serene image to satisfy the jury considering the theme of tonight's contest.
That picture really would imagine a pig makes it even more interesting. The picture had also been turned 90 degrees wrong but beautiful was the. So it proves that beauty is in the eye of the beholder!
The next picture was also unfortunately picked off when after reading it for a while could experience a tension in the picture, dark bars in a gray background, completely blur. It is associated to a vehicle from an alien planet. In other words, you could interpret some kind of exciting message, and given that we are looking for the year's worst picture I felt this way too well-composed and interesting. It turned out later that the picture hung upside down and that in reality it was meant to be a picture of a dog who would jump into the picture. The dog did not materialize, however, and in the background we see a couple byxbeklädda bone sticking out through a half-open cloak!
Next image placed last in the competition because it felt exciting with a beautiful play of light on an otherwise dark night sky. The image was perhaps not the best we have seen with regard to composition, As usual, you would have cropped a little tighter, a rather large black box in the bottom felt a bit unnecessary (which meant that it is not disqualified but only considered a little too well). The picture turned out to be an accidental discharge, and not even the photographer was able to tell us what it represented.
Now only four worthy competitors and the fourth came in the jury's opinion, an obscene picture of a lower back (or perhaps we look a little further down than the back end). A discoloration occurred that got the jury to actually dislike the picture, which of course is positive in this competition. Unfortunately, the picture was both sharp and correctly exposed, which pulls down scores. The picture illustrated a blood blister and was intended for any form of documentation relating to an occupational injury when the photographer handy enough "fallen on his ass", Unfortunately, we were then told that it is not itself taken the picture, which would otherwise have led us to raise eyebrows in deep admiration of the person's acrobatic abilities.
In third place, we saw a typical festive image. Ambitious printed in A4, with a nice mix of both camera shake and motion blur. It was immediately clear that the photographer had proven themselves with alcoholic beverages and was probably happier than the rest to mind: company, which in itself seemed to be very happy. A substantial gulstick raise the grade, but the exposure was absolutely right, which then pulls down the grade correspondingly. Thus it is not enough for a victory in this difficult race.
In second place we have as a portrait of a young man, comfortably hidden behind a dark surface. The jury got the idea that the photographer was a bit shy and secretly photographed the man in the picture, then stood behind any protruding objects when its better conceal the motive for almost half. About a third of the picture was basically black and despite the small size, so the picture is not sharp. To also one eye model, it almost is in focus, is closed enhances obviously negative image quality.
Then the worst image that thus crowned as the winner of the year competition. IN 10 x 15 cm image which left halvas hidden by something in total blur. The motive in general, Thus, the right half is not sharp, but where it is most probably due to the subject's speed is not consistent with the photographer's speed (or shall we say slowness?) You can imagine that it is an attempt to panning as a total failure, good, just as it should be in this competition. Upper right corner is totally blown highlights which also it is comfortable bad. To announce that the printed image the jury had to assess was even worse than the original digital you now see. Purely in terms of composition, this is one of the worst jury has seen, you can look for lines, triangles and golden section as long as you can without result, apart from the "line" that divides the image vertically into two halves. The right half is made up of a dog in complete blur and the left half consists of objects that probably does not even belong there. A totally useless depiction of a dog that is not even master / mistress can be satisfied with. If there is to be a springer spaniel is recommended shutter speed faster or better condition of the photographer.
We later found out that the strap had fallen in front of the lens. And indeed it was the intention to pan. We would then see the dog's ears flutter because of the high speed in combination with a leaping. This is shown absolutely not the image, making it a worthy winner. The image is with pride taken by Claes Löwdahl.
Chairman of the autocratic one-man jury Steen Stavnshøj