Good news for Österlens Fotoklubb

It's funny to say that Österlens Fotoklubb have done well in this year's National Photo The meeting, which this year was organized by the Bollnäs Fotoklubb 6-8 May.

Österlens Fotoklubb has managed to place itself on a shared 4:place among all clubs in Sweden, last year 2015 we arrived on a 5:e plats.

Club members have also done well. I bildklassen “Isolated påsiktsbild” we congratulate Peter Olausson, who managed to take home the gold medal. Krister Andersson got two bronze medals and Steen Stavnshøj received a diploma.

Most of the members have also received pictures selected for the display of the image class “Isolated påsiktsbild” and it's Tomas Svensson, Per Kind Bramstedt, Karin Dreier Lembke, Gunnel Jönsson.

It was 163 photographers 622 pictures that participated in this class.

I bildklass “Isolated digital image” was Krister Andersson, Steen Stavnshøj, Goran Kind Wall and Bjorn Lofgren images selected to display.

It was 307 photographers 1200 Images in this class.

“Isolated påsiktsbild”

Isolated Digital picture