The photo competition between Sjöbo, Ystad and Österlen Fotoklubb.
This year it was Österlens Fotoklubb would have been the organizer, but when we are working hard with the National Photo 2019 we will organize next year, so when asked Sjöbo Fotoklubb up for us and helped us with this. We are extremely grateful for.
We met in Bjärsjölagård (Preschool) for good company, with playback of all jury comments. Coffee and cakes were also. Very nice to meet Sjöbo and Ystad Photo Club members in this casual way.

Club members must submit two digital images were, no theme, black / white or color.
It's Photographic Society in Malmö performing jury to assess the images received.
It came into 84 images which 25 pieces were placed with jury comments, everyone else got placement 26.
This year, it became Österlens Fotoklubb who took home first place, after everyone's points counted together clubs.
Individually won Krister Andersson of Österlens Fotoklubb with his image “A comforting hand”, In second place was Tomas Svensson picture “train passenger”. Thomas Kupper, Olle S Lundgren, Kai Svensson, Björn Löfgren, Krister Andersson and Gunnel Jönsson came among the 25 top.
Next year is what we in Österlens photo club that will keep the arrangement.