Prosperous in the Skåne Photo 10:e November!

It was very good arrangement of Ystad Fotoklubb at the art museum in Ystad. On 2:first floor presents the winning photos from Skåne Photo and on 3:floor, a photo exhibition, East of Ystad.

It was 10 participation photo clubs 85 photographers and 544 pictures.

The pictures will hang to the 6:The Januari 2013, so happy to ride and see the exhibition.

Investment clubs:
1:a Österlens Fotoklubb 40 point

Placing photographers:
2:a Krister Andersson
4:and Peter Olausson

Collection color:
Brons Krister Andersson "Lola's burial"
Diplom Anita Karlsson "Pale Race"
Diplom Peter Olausson "Spagetti"
Viewing Gunnel Jönsson "Gåsunge"
Viewing Tomas Smith "Portrait of thai dance"

Kollektion monokroma:
Bronze Carina Spogardh "Elderberry at the barn"
Brons Peter Olausson “Hands on”
Diploma Anita Jones "Summer paradise in winter"

Påsikt monokroma:
Silver Krister Andersson "The Girl on the Train '
Bronze Krister Andersson "Wedding Fine"
Diploma Kjell Persson "Vitabron"
Viewing Peter Olausson "His and her"

Påsikt color:
Diploma Ove Deilert "Gångbro"
Diplom Peter Olausson “Our house in the middle of the road”
Viewing Björn Löfgren "thoughtful"
Visning Lars Rosenberg “In the garden”
View Ove Deilert "Sigtunahus"

Digital bilder:
Bronze Bear Lofgren "Fiskrökeri"
Diplom Rolf Unosson "Personalrum"
Viewing Krister Andersson "Sabina"

Best action shot:
Bjorn Lofgren "Fiskrökeri"

Best portrait photo:
Krister Andersson "Wedding Fine"

Best picture all categories:
Krister Andersson "Wedding Fine"

Clarification, Silver is 1:prize and bronze are awarded 2:and pris.
In addition, the club received a gift certificate for Scandinavian Photo on 700 kr for best photo club.
Diploma to those who could not attend and I have gift cards to those who have received silver or bronze as not able to attend will be sent to them.

Hard work and diligent participation yields results!