At the annual meeting was named club champion 2017.

We have club competitions at each meeting, and the top three will receive points which are then added together when the year is over.

Club Champion:

Total: Krister Andersson

Påsikt black / white: Krister Andersson

Påsikt color: Gunnel Jönsson shared with Jonas Axelsson

Digital bild: Kai Smith shared with Kurt Karlsson

This year's image is sent all the pictures off to be ranked in the year to an external jury and this year was the photo club Grängesbergs Fotoklubb who had the honor to judge our pictures and they stood for excellent work.

Picture of the Year påsikt black / white: Gunnel Jönsson

Plowing with horses. Perhaps members average age record. There is something special with powerful horses. Here, the outlet for his strength. The focus is, and the background is without being intrusive. The color tone of the picture gives almost an analog appearance even though it is digital. Congratulations.

Picture of the Year påsikt color: Krister Andersson

Man in red t-shirt on the sea. A dramatic, thought out and well done photo. You just wonder if he has incurred higher powers of punishment or if he is in despair over something. The imagination is set in motion. Congratulations.

This year's image digital image class: Gunnel Jönsson

Here too, the saying. A picture of the entire bull (it is well a bull ?) probably had not worked as well. Hard to say if it is the animal's vulnerability with straps, chains and nose ring that raises sympathy. Anyway, a great image. The focus is razor-sharp, neutral background and framing of good. Congratulations.