Here you can upload event photos

They must meet the following requirements:

  • Maximum size 512 kB
  • Max width 1920 pixels, smaller pixels making the image smaller
  • maximum height 1080 pixels, smaller pixels making the image below
  • Only .jpg format is approved

The above is checked, and the picture will not be charged

When it's theme, the file should be named with the theme name, t ex Mörkrum.
Otherwise terms the picture image.
The uploaded files will be named Mörkrum1, Mörkrum2 respectively Image1, bild2 etc..

Names DSC276364_copy1_copy2 etc. should of course not used!

Pictures uploaded by noon 16 race day is not guaranteed to come with.

The administering the entire receive an email that the file uploaded with information about file names, your name and e-mail.

You can “drag and drop” or click Choose file to select your race image.