Tomas has scheduled two tours in spring.

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1) Saturday 10 March "draws" us to Ystad and "rolls around" the city's streets and
picturesque environments. In fine weather, chances are many exciting street images
god. The monastery is open 12-16, if you want to go in there, and Mariakyrkan generally
available, if no ordinance in progress. We leave here at 9.30 and
concludes with lunch at one of the city's top restaurants.

Click here to see photos of Ystad city


2) Saturday 2 June we go til Christinehof Castle. We leave the Simrishamn 9.15,
wander around the castle and the ecopark where. The castle is open 11.30-16.30, if we
Now want to go in there. The cost to see the interior of the castle is 100 kr, according to their
website. Palace Café is open the same hours as the Castle. If the cafe does not fit,
so we can have lunch at the disbanded gästis at about 12.30 or 13.00.

Click here to see if Christinehof Castle


On both occasions, it is easiest to gather at my home, where there is opportunity
to park. We should well be carpooling from here, I think.
Now, you can certainly take the train to Ystad, but given the weak reliability
in terms of the means of transport, so my suggestion cars.