A few of us braved the 30 degree heat on the first Saturday in June, and went to Christinehof Castle in the Other Room parish. Beautiful neck of the woods is hard to find. The castle was built by Christina Piper years 1737-1741 in length from stinking sulfur Alunbruket. The property is now part of Högestads entailed, and is a popular hiking trails with different length. This Saturday, however, it was getting visitors who found their way here. Perhaps many thought that it was too hot. We from the photo club was also not many; Olle wife, Tomas and his wife, Siw, Gunnel and Per K. We could hardly pull the cameras, but something was there. In any case, it was a few hours socializing, that means so much.

The day ended with a moment of walking in the Other Room cemetery, located high, silent, quiet and beautiful. Unfortunately, no photo excursion gang, but the pictures on the excursion object, there is the more.