Saturday 9 February performed a picture assessment of some of us in Österlens Fotoklubb. The club had taken in making this Photo Zoom Club which organizes a big photo contest named “Närkes Roller Gear Photo 2013. The class we were assigned to work with the black / white påsikt without theme.
We started at 10.00 in the morning and with a little coffee break and a pizza later, we were ready to go home around 17.00. Hard work but very fun and rewarding. When we opened the box with the pictures the first thing we thought Thanks…..this will not be easy, looks to be many good pictures.
We would place the 25 first to comment and the remaining images were divided into groups of five with the ranking of the groups. In each group, then placed the remaining pictures in no particular order.
There was much discussion as it should be at an image assessment and what you thought of a picture at the beginning changed both the positive and negative post.
Some images lay in state at the beginning but fell down when others instead then-working upwards.
Lets just say that you learn a lot by watching other people's pictures and bring out constructive criticism. So I hope to have more people on this job, but one should not be more than four or a maximum of five,
otherwise it will be hard work.

All photos taken by Bjorn Lofgren