Staffan Håkansson

This year's Worst picture 2016

Our habit so ends the year in Österlens Fotoklubb with the most difficult of all races; namely "Best worst picture".

And since time immemorial, the undersigned had the honor of being the sole judge. A difficult task that requires strong nerves and a certain aesthetic durability.

The images collected by the club's racing manager person handed over to me after taking meal with accompanying small beer. I usually go away a little bit and try to find a good light to view the images in.
I can already say that it is not directly beneficial, neither of the images or the judge, To be considered in good light, you could say the contrary in fact.

I was unexpectedly many pictures in my hand, I do think there was a record number of images.
Now, I'm very critical and can always hitt something good in a picture, and just as normal as I sorted carefully the images in reverse order, Thus, the best picture at the top of the pile.

I think indeed it pains unusual amount this year to displease the judge. Many copies had been printed on glossy photo paper. If you seriously choosing a bad image and still print it on archival material, I think it really pains, which of course adds extra minus points.

As usual, I will provide detailed critique of the images, This tells comprehensively about the composition, exposure, Copying and so on, and as usual was part images even beautiful, some images were sharp, another part was well composed, and such is not good enough in this competition. It was purely by what we call "Rifo warning" to any image (Thus, the picture would have a chance to place in the National Photography Contest).

As we approached the ground were images worse and worse, and therefore constitutes a major treat for the judge. You could, if one listened carefully, hear the euphoria and almost a bliss in the judge vote. The praise rained like: -completely unintelligible image, -total badly exposed, -terribly blurred, – incredible poor composition. The ratings given by small lyrical comments.

As we come to the winning picture, I will try, ur minnet, reproduce my spontaneous comments. I remember that I fell for the image of a variety of causes.
The picture is admirably enough, printed on a printer that is probably in need of service, the picture is thus pleasing striped.
And funnily enough, it seems that the small bright "dots" in the lower half of the same type of repetition that the stripes on the picture.
"The dots" is by all means not the same color right over the picture, which is the only creative element that actually causes a slight plus points.
Printing has been made on et-quality paper and only it is a minus in the edge.
The upper half of the picture is very dark which spares the viewer from seeing the possible motive, but not darker than the stripes clearly visible, even in a minus edge.
The lower half of the image shows, apart "dots”, a weak play of light in the blue and green, and it is completely impossible to understand what the photographer really want to tell with the picture, I had had the least association with something sensible picture had not won this year's competition. In other words, a very positive thing with the picture which then results in a lot of negative points.
And at the very bottom of the right stands the head of a bald person up, pleasant cropped so that identification is impossible. Good work, I have rarely seen worse portraits.
Now we got an explanation for the image of the winner revealed her identity; there is no portrait, oddly enough, but the picture depicts the view from the parking lot to Bornholm. The bald head in the lower right is a headlight and light spots is something that shines on Bornholm.
I can truthfully say that the viewer could not have guessed, not even after the declaration, kudos.

It was with great joy that I had the privilege to appoint the first prize winner. A worthy vinnare.Staffan Håkansson was applauded for a rare bad image.

Chairman of the autocratic one-man jury

Steen Stavnshøj