This year's worst picture 2014


Worst image 2014

Quite traditionally so ended the year with our photo hardest race, namely "Worst Picture of the Year".

And once again, I received an honor of being unanimous judges. A very honorable mission of course is carried out with great seriousness and accuracy.

Also this year, many grants so it took several minutes for the judge to rank contributions, from best to worst. And in this case it is best not preferable because it is about the worst picture.

As usual, you could readily completely disqualify more than half of the images. They were simply too good to qualify in this difficult race. Yes, many of them were of course even really good ...

But in the end remained a small number, and after very careful to have spun the different images in 90 ° increments to see if one could guess what the picture actually imagined and maybe read the photographer's message fell token down. None of the three finalists could be considered to have no message or meaning. So far, so good.

A winner must surely be conditional and therefore we must now consider the image-processing qualities and then fell away as a de facto was not so bad in that respect.

Residue thus two, both had annoying color casts. And it's something the judge dislike, it's color cast. And worst of all is the color cast in Magenta, Judge gets shivers of such bad habits.

The picture that emerged victorious can be summarized as follows: A very poor composition where the eye can not find something of value to focus on. A restless please copy in a completely incomprehensible motives. And worst of all, a magenta cast that is so rough that the judges feel sick. A worthy winner.

The picture was taken by Jonas Axelson, which thus for the first time leave with the victory in this difficult race. Jonas has the honor shown he can be a really bad photographer when required.

Chairman of the autocratic one-man jury

Steen Stavnshøj